Four Ways to Keep Your Home Safe from Weather-Related Water Damage This Winter

Winter can be a magical time. But when it comes to water damage, winter can be the most dangerous season for your home. Cold temperatures and heavy snowfall can be hard on your house. Here are some of the best ways to help prevent water damage in your home this winter. water damage cleanup bellevue wa

1. Keep Roof and Rain Gutters Cleared

One of the most important things you can do to keep your home safe from water damage this winter is to make sure your roof stays clear. If your rain gutters become filled with leaves, ice, and debris, it can create ice dams on your roof. This means that as snow melts, it does not have a way to drain off safely away from the house. This can create a lot of pressure on your roof, causing too much weight to damage it and can lead to leaks in the roof. Making sure your gutters are cleared throughout the snowy months will help protect your roof and prevent water damage from forming underneath it.

2. Insulate the Attic and Exposed Pipes

Winter can be devastating to the pipes in your home. Frozen pipes will build up pressure and burst, which will lead to significant water damage. Any areas in your home that have exposed pipes are the most at risk of experiencing a pipe bursting. You can help prevent them from freezing by adding insulation to them during the cold months. You can also insulate your attic, which will help prevent water damage from the roof. Keeping your attic a little warmer will help prevent those ice dams and can prevent water damage to all of the possessions in your attic.

3. Reinforce Windows

Keeping all of the snow out of your home is the best way to prevent water damage. Before the weather gets too bad, you should make sure your windows are secure. Remove screens and replace them with storm windows to add an extra layer of protection to your windows. You should also make sure the sealing around the window is secure with no leaks to make sure the water and cold stay outside. It is essential to reseal any cracks forming in the window sealing. These steps are especially important to take in basement windows with window wells.

4. Keep the Heat On

Making sure your home is warm enough not only keeps you and your family comfortable during the winter, but it also protects your home from potential water damage. Keep your thermostat no lower than 65 degrees to prevent your pipes from freezing. A warm home interior also protects any of your appliances from damage that may come from freezing if they get too cold, which could also lead to water damage if they break. 

Water Damage Cleanup—Bellevue, Washington

Winter weather can impact the integrity of your home if the proper precautions are not taken. If you have water damage in your Bellevue home this winter, call FireWater Restoration. Our team of experts are here to help you get it cleaned up, no matter what the cause.