4 Reasons Why You Should Not Do DIY Water Damage Repairs

water damage restoration bellevue waWhen you hear the words “water damage,” you probably associate them with the stress of home repairs. Water damage is very common since it can be caused by a variety of sources. To cut costs, you may think that the solution for these repairs is to fix it yourself. However, DIYing your water damage restoration is not a good idea. Here are four reasons you should never try to fix water damage yourself.

Water Damage Restoration—Bellevue, Washington

1. It is not actually cost-efficient in the long run.

Water damage often leads to other kinds of problems. It can ruin your drywall and cause mold to grow. It can damage your home’s foundation if it continues to build up there. It can weaken and destroy the materials that make up the bones of your home. These are very serious problems that you cannot ignore and cannot fix yourself. By not cleaning up water damage properly in the first place, you may find that your house needs even more extensive and expensive repair later down the road. In truth, trying to save money on water damage repairs now will only cost you even more later.

2. You do not have the right equipment.

Water will eventually just air dry, right? The problem is that water damage most often occurs in areas of your home that are poorly ventilated, making it difficult for water to dry itself. It also often gets soaked into other materials, such as insulation and wood, which also makes it difficult for the water to dry completely. You may think that your towels and electric fans are good enough to fix water damage. You may soak up water on the surface, but what about underneath the floorboards? It takes stronger, more effective equipment to remove all the moisture and ensure everything is completely dry. Calling professionals with the right expertise and equipment is the only way to know for certain that the water is removed and the damage is properly repaired.

3. Cutting corners causes more damage.

One of the biggest problems with DIY projects that involve serious home repairs is that you often settle for “good enough” results that help you out now rather than complete and thorough repairs that will protect you for much longer. The only way to ensure that the damage is truly fixed is to allow certified and qualified technicians to fix it. Otherwise, you will probably experience even worse damage in the future. 

4. Dealing with water damage can be dangerous.

A variety of sources can cause water damage, and some of those sources may not be safe to deal with without training and protective equipment. There can be a great risk of contamination in water if it comes from anywhere that might contain sewage or chemicals, and as a result, it can make you very sick if you ingest it or come in contact with it. For your safety, it is best to let the professionals be the ones to test the water and restore your home. 

If you notice signs of water damage in your Bellevue home, do not try to fix it by yourself. Instead, call FireWater Restoration to dry, sanitize, and restore your home for you.