How To Choose A Bellevue Water Damage Cleanup Company

water damage cleanup bellevue wa, water damage restoration bellevue wa, water damage repair bellevue waWhen disaster strikes, choosing a water damage cleanup company can seem like an overwhelming task. Can you really trust the first search result in Google? Maybe just throw a dart at a dartboard and hope for the best? Fortunately, the cleanup industry has some telltale signs of great service, so with just a few minutes to hire a professional in Bellevue, you can be sure that your chosen water damage cleanup company checks all the right boxes. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Bellevue WA

Local Company

Working with local restoration companies does more than just support your local economy—it ensures that they can arrive on site quickly and begin remediation. Most companies (at least the good ones) offer 24/7 service, giving you the option of damage cleanup even at the most inopportune times. Trust us, even if 24/7 service seems unnecessary, you’ll want it. 


This step is a must. Anyone can plaster the word “professional” on their website, but only some companies really earn it. The IICRC certification is the most prominent among water damage restoration companies in Bellevue, but several other carpet cleaning and restoration licenses are given. If the company isn’t certified and doesn’t hire certified technicians, turn around and walk the other way. 

Great References

If a water damage cleanup company is really an expert in the industry, it will have the resume to prove it. Take a look at online website reviews, recommendations from friends, and third party review services to get a 360-degree view of the service the company offers. Check with friends and neighbors to get a sense for the company’s timeliness, attention to detail, and professionalism. 

Works With Insurance

We all know that working with insurance companies can be a p-a-i-n. As if severe water damage weren’t enough, it’s now on your shoulders to have a back-and-forth dialogue between an unmoving insurance agency. No, thank you. Instead of struggling through this process yourself, look for a water damage restoration company that handles the brunt of communicating with insurance agencies for you. This eases the burdens placed on your shoulders when experiencing unexpected water damage, freeing you up to focus on enjoying your restored property. 

Free Estimates

If an estimate of service isn’t free, it could be because the company isn’t confident in its services. The water damage cleanup experts at FireWater Restoration, we always offer free estimates so you can weigh the pros and cons of each company you’re deciding between. This allows you to feel confident in the services you’ll receive and allows you to make the best decision you can.  At the end of the day, spending a few extra minutes vetting a potential restoration and cleanup company is completely worth the investment. The restoration industry is laced with people who cut corners and lack professionalism. We’ve all experienced that type of mediocre service. However, using the steps listed above can help you as you select a company to work with during a frustrating time of water damage. Just for the record, the water damage cleanup experts at FireWater Restoration meets all of these basic criteria. Feel free to double check us though on our website. Don’t take our word for it!