Common Water Damage Repair In Bellevue WA

Common Water Damage Repairs and Cleanup Needed to Your Home’s Exterior 

The Pacific Northwest has a rich tradition of having a variety of architecture and style. High-tech Eastside is a stunning downtown skyline showcasing dramatic views. Much of Bellevue’s small-town feel comes from our woodsy neighborhoods and lots of rain. On average, Seattle gets about 37 inches of rain each year. So no matter what style of home you have, if buildings aren’t built properly or maintained, those PWA rains can lead to water damage.   

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Brick Homes

Red brick homes convey luxury and tradition. But this classic material can absorb moisture in the mortar and bricks. As water penetrates the masonry, our Bellevue weather cycle of freezing and thawing causes cracks. Next time it rains, the moisture can penetrate deeper into the wall.   

Since brick is porous, it will absorb any water. The brick is capable of holding that water, somewhat like a sponge. So the brick becomes saturated, then the water can flow through the wall. Then this loosens the mortar around the brick, making the entire area less stable. 

A common visual indication of water infiltration is efflorescence– white salt deposits that form on brick surfaces. Structural stresses can also cause spalling, cracking, and flaking. But the signs aren’t always easy to see. FireWater Restoration technicians are trained to find, clean up and repair water damage to keep your home safe, solid, and secure.  

Painted Siding 

Simple vinyl siding is popular but vulnerable to damage by hail and windblown branches. Insulated vinyl siding gets a little stronger (and a lot warmer.) “Hardie Board” is made with cement and composite siding with crushed rock with polymers and resin.

Although strong, these products can get chipped and broken with normal wear and tear. The problems develop when water can get inside the protective barrier. This can lead to rot, wet insulation, and mold. Again, if you don’t walk around the home looking for damage, you’ll miss seeing those opportunities for water to get in.  (And so can pests and critters.) Maintaining the exterior of the home is your best defense against the elements. 

The FireWater team will determine if those random stains or marks are just on the surface or signs of deeper damage. You might need to replace an area of siding; have them inspect the entire exterior to be sure.  

Stucco and Faux Stone

Moisture intrusion from damaged stucco siding and faux stone is common. It also has the potential for additional mold damage. Crumbling stucco, soft spots, cracks and bubbles along the bottom edge of the wall indicate poor drainage. Have the FireWater Restoration crew inspect cracks and weak spots before more damage develops. If they think additional damage could form, they will repair the area, matching the finish for an invisible repair. 

Any Wood Trim 

Another iconic style in Bellevue is the addition of exposed wood as siding. Cedar shingles and shakes have a natural and rugged appearance; wood can be stained or painted to allow the natural grain to show through. But extended contact with water degrades the untreated materials. It can mildew, streak, or even rot in this wet climate. 

So before you hide an ugly, stained area with a gallon of paint, make sure that there is no physical damage to the wood. Have Firewater Restoration make repairs to the wood trim around windows and doors to protect the home from additional water damage. A rotten window sill can lead to damaged insulation or even mold in the wall cavities. 

Any Damage To Your Home From Our Famous Rain, Snow and Plumbing Problems

No matter the materials on the exterior of your home, you need to protect it from water damage. For competent water damage cleanup in Bellevue, call FireWater Restoration. Even a  small leak or a little mold can quickly become a problem the longer if water accumulates. This damage can ruin the exterior, or then the interior, of your home. 

The FireWater Restoration team of experts is your resource for water damage cleanup- both inside and outside your home. Locally owned since 2005, one thing that hasn’t changed over the decades is a commitment to share experiences and expertise. Every one of the service technicians are I.I.C.R.C certified to help you make informed decisions to maintain your beautiful; Bellevue home.