Protect Hardwood Floors from Water Damage Cleanup Issues

water damage cleanup bellevue wa, water damage restoration bellevue wa, water damage repair bellevue waQuality hardwood floors transcend time and changes in fashion. In Bellevue, historic homes are cherished for their original floors. New homes and renovations rely on hardwood floors to convey a sense of tradition and quality. Whether you have had a hardwood floor for years or just had a new one installed, it’s important to preserve your pricey investment and learn how to clean and protect hardwood floors from water damage and the cleanup that is sure to follow.

Hardwood Floor Water Damage Cleanup In Bellevue, WA

A Mop Is An Option For A Small Spill

Hardwood floors are not waterproof; they aren’t even water-resistant. So when you have a splash or two land on the floor, clean it up immediately. Either grab a clean towel, or go for the mop.

Some damp mops are built like a dust mop with a removable and washable flat microfiber head. Others look like a yarn mop but replace the loops of yarn with microfiber strips. Like the dust mop, the microfiber attracts dirt; microfiber doesn’t hold onto as much moisture so you don’t saturate the wood.

Avoid oversaturating the floor with water or ‘swabbing the deck’ when you mop. You shouldn’t see puddles or standing water as you go; the floor should dry quickly. If your floors are finished with wax, oil, or Monocoat, avoid using water. Manufacturers make their own cleaners for these finishes, which should only be used as directed.

Call The Pros For A Big Spill

If you have more than a small puddle (or it has been there longer than a few hours,) liquid can seep between the boards and cause discoloration and warping. Since your floors are such an expensive commitment, call the best restoration team in Bellevue to help you care for your hardwoods. Firewater Restoration endeavors to remove water, repair damaged areas, and return your home to original condition.

Every water damage cleanup situation is unique; Firewater has the tools, the team members and the techniques to bring your floors back to life.

Get professional water damage cleanup help with any areas that have been exposed to any sort of water damage. The majority of water carries toxic levels of bacteria and microorganisms.  Be aware of potential chemical hazards during floods. Flood waters may have moved hazardous chemical containers of solvents or other industrial chemicals from their normal storage places. This can cause grief for the water damage cleanup process as well.

Extra Floor Protection Tip

Use floor protection such as furniture coasters and felt pads under furniture legs and frames. Furniture coasters only cost a few bucks and allow you to easily move heavy furniture pieces without much help while protecting your hardwood from scratches and gouges.

Manage your risk; mold growth can quickly become a problem the longer the water sits there. Call FireWater Restoration Services. Our team of experts works thoroughly and efficiently to restore your property back to pre-loss condition. Locally owned since 2005, we have seen Bellevue grow and change intensely over the years. All of our service technicians are IICRC certified and can help you make informed decisions.  Our knowledgeable staff serve the entire Puget Sound from Everett to Olympia; the water damage cleanup experts can be on site within 90 minutes or less.