Certified Disaster Restoration Technicians

FireWaterWA provides technicians that are certified and trained in disaster restoration. Whether your contents are cleaned on-site or packed out and removed for cleaning in our state-of–the-art contents cleaning and restoration facility, these skilled technicians handle your personal property with care and competency. FireWaterWA also uses a variety of methods to ensure that the restoration of your property is an easy process from start to finish.

Emergency Corrosion Mitigation

Regardless of the origin of the fire, it is possible for smoke to permeate the structure of a building. If excess humidity and moisture combines with smoke, it can form a corrosive residue that may cause secondary damage to the structure of your home and the contents within. FireWaterWA is prepared to quickly remove smoke residues and treat at-risk surfaces with a corrosion inhibitor that will help to protect these items. Examples of these surfaces that are in danger of corrosion are: marble, stone, grout, aluminum, glass, fixtures and appliances.

Pack-Out Inventory

FireWaterWA uses superior cloud-based inventory software. Apple iOS devices, along with bar codes are utilized to catalog all of your belongings. You will then be given a link via email that takes you to a private portal that will allow you to view by photo gallery everything that FireWaterWA has removed from your home. From this website, you will also have the ability to follow the restoration process. FireWaterWA pack-out and moving process, YOU are still in control of your belongings.

State-of-the-Art Contents Cleaning & Restoration Facility

FireWater has a secure space for contents storage. Providing you the piece of mind that we will take care of your belonging like if they were ours.

Specialty Items

FireWater’s highly qualified, detail-oriented technicians will work to restore your belongings to pre-loss condition through the use of varying cleaning techniques. FireWaterWA also has a large network of trustworthy, professional subcontractors for restoration of specialty items such as fine art, antique furniture, pianos and grandfather clocks. Each item is assessed to determine the best method of restoration. It is then cleaned, deodorized, ozoned and stored until the repairs on your home are completed.

No Stress Full-Service Move-back

FireWaterWA takes pride in offering something most restoration companies do not-a full service move-back. Before items are packed and removed from your home, detailed pictures of where items were placed are taken. When you are ready to have your things returned, FireWater Restoration Services does not merely unload them and leave. Unless otherwise directed by you, we will return each item packed to the same location from where it was removed.  We will also unpack all boxes and return those items to their original locations making your homecoming stress-free.