Tacoma Water Damage Restoration

Tacoma Water Damage Restoration

#1 Tacoma Water Damage Restoration Service

Looking for Tacoma water damage restoration service? FireWater is a trusted water damage company in Tacoma. We serve the local neighborhoods like Puyallup, South Hill, Spanaway, North Tacoma and South Tacoma. FireWater Restoration Services is a locally owned and operated company serving Tacoma and surrounding Pierce County. We handle Water Damage Restoration in Tacoma WA and Insurance Claims with professionalism.

Our certified water damage repair crews have been operating for over 10 years in Tacoma. Our team is professional, polite, and timely for work on water damage repair in Tacoma. We will begin immediately with water damage, minimizing and containing any further water damage.

Our Tacoma Specialists Respond 24/7

Certified water extraction technicians with a history of supporting the local community!
We take pride in operating a local business serving Tacoma. Homeowners and businesses all over Pierce County. Trust the services of FireWater Restoration Services.

Why Choose Us as Your Damage Restoration Expert?

Since 2005, our family-owned water damage restoration company has helped countless home and business owners. FireWater Restoration Services will help you feel safe. We want you to feel cared for, and hopeful during the aftermath of a disaster. Our crews are ready to help you now. Day or night, our restoration experts respond immediately.

  • We’re a Local Pierce County Company

Working with local Tacoma restoration companies does more than just support your local economy—it ensures that they can arrive on site quickly and begin remediation. Most companies (at least the good ones) offer 24/7 service, giving you the option of damage cleanup even at the most inopportune times. Trust us, even if 24/7 service seems unnecessary, you’ll want it. 

  • Our Tacoma Crews are Certified

This step is a must. Anyone can plaster the word “professional” on their website, but only some companies really earn it. The IICRC certification is the most prominent among water damage restoration companies in Bellevue, but several other carpet cleaning and restoration licenses are given. If the company isn’t certified and doesn’t hire certified technicians, turn around and walk the other way. 

  • We Work With Insurance

We all know that working with insurance companies can be a p-a-i-n. As if severe water damage weren’t enough, it’s now on your shoulders to have a back-and-forth dialogue between an unmoving insurance agency. No, thank you. Instead of struggling through this process yourself, look for a water damage restoration company that handles the brunt of communicating with insurance agencies for you. This eases the burdens placed on your shoulders when experiencing unexpected water damage, freeing you up to focus on enjoying your restored property in Tacoma WA.

  • Free Repair Estimates for Your Tacoma Property

If an estimate of service isn’t free, it could be because the company isn’t confident in its services. The water damage cleanup experts at FireWater Restoration, we always offer free estimates so you can weigh the pros and cons of each company you’re deciding between. This allows you to feel confident in the services you’ll receive and allows you to make the best decision.

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